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The United Kingdom is renowned for its advanced higher education system and a great number of prestigious universities. Get your bachelor’s or master’s degree in a UK university and stand out from the crowd. However, staying in the country to study comes with a variety of requirements. If you are an international student interested in studying in the United Kingdom, you can count on Ample International Education to guide you through your application.

Why Study in the UK from Nepal?

The UK is home to four of the world’s top ten universities and has the second-highest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world. These top universities in the UK, which have significant global recognition, will provide you with an excellent start for a prosperous career, offering a wide range of courses.

Undergraduate degrees in the UK are of three to four years and a master’s program is typically between one and two years, saving your education & living costs. Institutions in the UK offer a variety of scholarships, financial aid, grants, and bursaries to international students.

There are numerous reasons to study in the UK from Nepal. The great thing about studying in the UK is that you can work for up to 20 hours per week during term time, and full time when you’re on holiday. Part-time jobs for international students in the UK include retail assistant, waiter/waitress, call center agent, supermarket stockroom assistant/clerk, kitchen helper, and many more!

The UK Education System – Top Universities in UK

Founded in the ancient city of Oxford more than 800 years ago, the UK has a rich tradition of academic excellence.

In fact, four UK universities rank in the top six best universities in the world. And with over 50,000 undergraduate courses available, you’ll have innumerable choices when it comes to studying in the UK. So it’s a great place to find the right course for you.

Traveling from Nepal to the UK for education is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers high-quality education and academic excellence where you will get a chance to gain a lot of cultural experience and values.

UK Education system and its high-quality courses and indomitable commitment to education and performance will help you to excel in your area of expertise, making you ready for the right job according to your skillset.

The UK has two types of universities i.e. Traditional universities and Modern/ Post 1992 universities.

Traditional Universities: Traditional universities in the UK are more traditional than modern ones. Also known as red brick universities, they offer courses across a broad range of subjects and a wide range of degrees, from arts to science, medicine to engineering, and law to architecture.

Modern Universities: The newer breed of universities in the country that were created after the government decided to deregulate the sector in 1992. These universities have freedom over their own affairs and decide on their own admissions criteria, fees, tuition fees, and teaching methods.

Open University: It is a distance learning and open university providing higher education and further study opportunities for everyone in the UK who is interested in taking part-time or full-time non-residential courses.

How Much Does It Cost to Study In UK From Nepal?

Nepal has a long history of sending its students to the United Kingdom for higher education (HE). In the past, the UK was one of the primary destinations for Nepali students after India. The main attraction of the UK is its high standards of education and very affordable cost.

Although the cost of studying in the UK is much higher than in other European countries, many Nepali students think that it is worth spending more because it’s much faster to have a complete degree in the United Kingdom.

In fact, while it takes at least four years to attain a degree from a university in Germany, Netherlands or France and two or three years for postgraduate degrees, most students choose to study in the UK from Nepal owing to its affordability and high standards of education. It takes less time to attain degrees from the top universities in the UK than in other prospective study destinations. While other countries take at least four years for an undergraduate degree and two or three years for a postgraduate degree, it takes only three years for an undergraduate degree, and one year for a postgraduate in the United Kingdom. This overall cuts down your expenditure on your education, without compromising on the knowledge sharing and quality of teaching.

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