Pre Departure Counselling

Ample International Education arranges pre-departure briefing sessions for students who have received visa approval from the concerned country. The briefing covers topics ranging from academic life, preparation of documentation, accommodation, cost of living, and much more, that aim to assist incoming international students.

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Making the decision to study can be a wise one for a student. But it can be difficult for a student to make a life-changing decision about studying abroad due to the lack of comprehensive information. So it is very important to know some of the information before traveling abroad for higher education.
Pre-departure briefing sessions are specifically tailored by Ample International Education to aid students in adjusting to new lifestyles in accordance with their destinations. Successfully granted visa recipients are called to pre-departure briefing seminars where they can learn more about the nation, culture, and way of life. We provide professional pre-departure counseling, which includes speeches and workshops that give you the guidance you need to start your studies abroad with confidence. The session usually lasts a full or half day and helps you stay safe and aware of criminal activity.

Our Pre-Departure briefing includes
  • Pre-Departure Checklist

According to the environment of the concerned country, we make a checklist of what a student will require while traveling and residing abroad.

  • Airport Immigration

Students may find difficulty facing airport immigration, and we help them get prepared for this.

  • On Arrival Activities

The majority of students are unaware of the procedures to follow when they arrive. Therefore, to make it simpler for them, we create a list and provide it to them.

  • Preparation of Documentation

Before departure, it is very important to make sure students have all the required documents. We help them prepare their documents so they don't have to worry about traveling abroad.

  • Transportation System Abroad

Most students find it challenging to comprehend the transportation facilities when studying abroad. Before they reach their destination, we provide them with guidance on the route and transportation system.

  • Part-Time Work Opportunities

We guide students through the procedure of finding part-time work abroad.

  • Visa Extension

We help students extend their visas if they want to extend their visas to pursue further studies.

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