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One of the biggest reasons people go abroad is to give their families a better standard of living. Dependent visas can be a helpful way for families to reunite and live together in a new country. It permits professionals, students, permanent residents, and others to move their families from one country to another. Ample International Education can help you navigate through the dependent visa process so that you and your spouse do not face any unnecessary delay or complication in acquiring your visa.

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A dependent visa is a powerful tool for students, working professionals, permanent residents, etc. to bring their families to live together with them in the country where they are studying or working. It is crucial to review the specific arrangements, which are based on the assigned employee's visa, as well as any conditions placed on the spouse, partner, or other family members for the relevant nations. Here, are some of the rules over the student spouse visa work rights.


Can the spouse travel with an international student?

Work rules for the spouse


Spouse are allowed

Spouse is able to work using an open work permit.


Spouse is allowed on the  Dependent Visa program

Their spouse can work, depending on the degree the student is pursuing.

United Kingdom(UK)

Spouses are allowed to stay in the UK.

A spouse is permitted to work in the UK if the international student is enrolled for more than a year.

Here, we've explained detailed information on spouse visa information of some of the most well-known study-abroad countries.

1. Spouse visa Canada

In Canada, you are permitted to enter with your spouse or common-law partner. The spouse or partner of an overseas student can apply for an open work permit. The holder of this permit is free to work anywhere in Canada without a job offer or a labor market opinion. To obtain a Canada student dependent visa for your spouse, you must meet certain requirements. The work permit will often be valid for the same period of time as the student visa.

2. Spouse visa Australia

In Australia, international students are permitted to bring their spouses and family under the Dependent Visa program. If you want them to be able to travel to Australia, you may either include a visa application for them with your initial student visa application or you can submit it separately once your study program has begun there. Dependent visa programs are open to partners and spouses. The work rights granted to the holder of a student spouse visa in Australia will be determined by the level of education pursued by the international student:

  • If the student is enrolled in an undergraduate degree, the dependent partner can work up to 20 hours per week.

  • The dependent partner is not restricted from working while the student is pursuing a postgraduate or doctoral degree.

3. Spouse visa UK

International students can bring their partner to the UK with the help of a UK student spouse visa. In order to bring their dependents to the UK, an international student must be:

  • Sponsored by a college or university for a program that is at or above NQF level 7

  • Enrolled in a master's degree program or higher in the UK, which must last at least 12 months

  • New government-sponsored students who are enrolled in a course should be of  minimum 6-months.




With a dependent visa, the dependents can:

  • Stay with the primary applicant/family.

  • Travel and explore

  • Study at a university or college (in some cases)

  • Work (in some circumstances)

What are the documents needed for a Dependent Visa?

The documents needed for obtaining the dependent visa are

  • Valid passport

  • Marriage certificate


  • Any other document to establish the partnership

  • Birth certificate of the dependent children

  • Proof of funds of the sponsor (via bank statements)

  • Medical test results

  • Proof of the sponsor's employment

  • Other documents equivalent to the Certificate of Eligibility

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