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The Post-Study Work Visa is also known as the Graduate Route. It is a temporary visa that is provided to international students to stay in the UK for two or three years as per the rules and regulations of the countries in which they obtained their degrees. The Graduate Route is a valuable opportunity for international students to stay in the country and work after they have completed their studies in the country where the visa was issued, allowing them to build on the knowledge and skills they have acquired while studying in the foreign country.

Who  is eligible to apply for the PSW visa application?

In order to be eligible for the Graduate Visa, applicants must hold a valid visa to study and have successfully completed an eligible course of studies, such as a graduate or postgraduate degree, from a reputable, well-established, large educational institution with a track record of compliance.

When you are applying for a Graduate Route visa, you have to provide proof of your ability to support yourself financially or that you have sufficient maintenance funds. But you need to have finished the qualification that is listed on the Confirmation of Studies (CAS) associated with your student or Tier 4 visa, or you need to have changed your course without requesting additional permission. Therefore, once you have completed the qualifying criteria, you can then apply for the  Graduate Route visa.

Post work visa application requirements

To apply you will need to meet the following  requirements set by the government in order to be eligible for a PSW visa:

  • To apply for a PSW visa, you must be in the country.

  • You must have a degree from a recognized higher education institution, whether it is an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree.

  • Financial independence is an essential requirement for PSW, as it ensures that you can provide for yourself without needing to rely on external assistance.

  •  The visa application must be submitted within 12 months after the program is over.

  • Over the course of the next 12 months, you should look for employment opportunities.

  • If you have not already obtained a degree in the English language, you will need to take the IELTS exam, in which you must obtain a score in the range of 6.5 in each of the four sections.

  • You would need a source of sufficient funding that the national government has outlined.

Our helpful visa counsellors are experienced in navigating the complex immigration system and can assist you in avoiding any pitfalls that might result in your application being rejected. We are here to help you at every stage in order to ensure that your application is approved and that you receive a post-study work visa.

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