Ample & Our History

We started serving students who aim to study abroad to fulfill their future study destination in 2009 A.D, from the small town of Pokhara, located in the western part of Nepal, Where our director was born and brought up.

But Ample successfully made its market in 2011 from London, United Kingdom, and served more them 5000 students for in-country University/College transfer, Online Study, and Credit transfer of USA CANADA. Ample International Education is a fully accredited company registered in each country where we have UK, Nepal, and Canada offices. We are registered with England and Wales and recognized by the Government of Nepal with a mission to impart its best quality counseling service for many educational services like University/College Admission, abroad study, Credit transfer, Online courses from British Universities, and helping students for immigration-related various issues by our associate Lawyers worldwide.

Renowned Education Consultancy in Nepal

"A Complete way for Global Education for Global Competition", with the very motto Ample International Education offers quality counseling and guides them to secure the perfect future student.

"We explore your ample potential through quality education"

We are located in many countries and we are expanding our services with ethical counseling for a better future for those smart but innocent students who are looking for University Admission, Visa Extention, Study abroad, and Credit Transfer from one country to another country. Ample is the complete gateway for various educational support for individuals. Ample welcomes students who wish to study abroad in different countries and who expect support for visa extension inside the country where they reach to study. Counseling with ample expert counselors could be a great experience to know where you are and what the best for you, and which path will be more prosperous for your future career. Our quality counseling surely aids you to find not only the right path but also you will be aware of the correct study track and career goal which you want to accomplish.
It's you to dream of the best global education at a good University and you will find the ample that can make your dreams happen with the right support.

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